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New Remix Album Coming

Hey hope you liked the new album "Today" I got some really good feedback and thanks for showing your support on all my social media sites.

It's been a rubbish couple of years with Covid and other issues happening in our life's but I have a little bit of good news for you.

"Today" The remixed album is coming out soon and I will be showing you a little preview on my YouTube soon so get subscribing if not already.

I have done a few of the remixes myself which was fun,

but I have also had a little help from some other producer friends which sound amazing, I am sure you will like them too.

There will be remixes and also extended versions of the tracks.

I will be launching it out on YouTube @David Cicero with a some short previews of the tracks to hear.

The album will currently only be available on digital download and streaming stores.

Take care and speak soon.


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